About th Day Care

A Typical Day

Meet Denise


Denise's Day Care has been providing the finest home child care in Novato since 1987.


At Denise's you'll find a child and family oriented house, filled with toys, books, bikes, swing-sets, and so much more.



Snacks and Meals are provided. If your child requires special meals, it is recommended that you pack food for your child. Water, juice, and organic milk is provided and given in amounts as advised from parents.



The day care is licensed thru Marin Child Care Counsel and is registered under Denise Gudgel - Facility #21420089.


Denise's House is regularly inspected by the state to ensure the safetly of all children and visitors. A fire drill is performed twice a year.



Please contact Denise for current rates and payment options.


Not everyday is the same, but Denise tries to stick to a routine that makes the children's day well rounded.



(Depending what time your child arrives, or if they have eaten)


Indoor play:

• Puzzles
• Toys
• Trains
• Parachutes




Outdoor Play:

• Bikes, Scooters, and Cars
• Play Strucures
• Swings
• Slides
• Garden
• Walk
• Sprinklers/Kid's Pool (Summer Months)




Quiet Time

A time for the little kids to wind down. Napping is an option, but it the parents decision how quiet time is spent. Some kids are layed down in bedrooms for a nap, others lay down on the couch for a movie, and others play quietly til quiet time is over.




Arts and Crafts

• Play-Doh
• Painting
• Crayons
• Holiday and Birthday Crafts
• Stickers
• And so much more!


Outdoor Play/Indoor play


Denise (Neice, Neecee, or Nisee as the kids prefer), a Marin Native and San Marin High School Graduate, began home day care in 1987. She has always loved children and couldn't imagine a life without caring for kids.


Her home is in a kid friendly neighborhood near Hill Middle School.


Denise, as required by the state, is First-Aid and CPR certified. With over twenty years of child care, Denise is prepared almost any situation that comes with watching children.

Outside of Day Care


Denise loves to read, drink coffee, and relax in Tahoe with her husband, Mike. Her two children are grown, one graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the other is attending UC Davis.


She loves going to the SF Giants Games, but on the weekends you'll usually she her strolling the neighborhood hanging out with kids on her days off.